hedwig and pigwidgeon plush set hedwig and pigwidgeon plush set in the box

Hedwig™ and Pigwidgeon Plush Set


Product Details

Why have one owl when you can have two? These miniature Hedwig™ and Pigwidgeon plush measure 15cm tall, and 10cm wide. They are extremely soft and have amber beaded eyes.

Product Code: 1332888

Care Instructions

Suitable for 18 months and older.

Delivery Information

We have a range of delivery options available; for more information, please see our Delivery page.

Did you know

"I made a few elementary mistakes when it came to my depiction of Hedwig. Firstly, Snowy Owls are diurnal (ie, they fly by day). Secondly, they are virtually mute, so Hedwig’s frequent hoots and chirrups of approval and comfort should be taken as signs of her magically enhanced abilities. Thirdly, as countless well-meaning owl-lovers and experts kept writing to me in the early days, owls do not eat bacon (Hedwig enjoys a bit of bacon rind when she delivers post at breakfast)." - J.K. Rowling

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