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Harry Potter™ Artefact Box


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The Harry Potter™ Artifact Box includes his Hogwarts™ Acceptance Letter, Sirius Black™ Wanted Poster, Quidditch™ World Cup Ticket, Lily Potter Letter to Sirius, Hogwarts™ Express Luggage Tag, Order of the Phoenix™ Lenticular Photo and Dumbledore's Army™ Signature List. Box measures approx 20.5cm x 28cm.

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Did you know

Several cosmetic adjustments were needed to bring the character from the page to the screen. In the books, Harry’s eyes are green. Blue-eyed Daniel Radcliffe was fitted with contact lenses, but as happens in a small percentage of the population, his eyes reacted badly, becoming irritated and swollen. (This is evident in the last scene of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the only time Radcliffe appears on-screen with green, though red-infused, eyes.) The decision was quickly made to allow Harry’s eyes to be blue in the film.

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