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Golden Snitch™ Toy


Product Details

You won't need to take flight on a Nimbus 2000 to seek out this Golden Snitch.  A replica of the iconic Quidditch ball seen in the Harry Potter film series, the Golden Snitch toy can be displayed on the included stand and when activated via a small switch, will flutter it's wings momentarily. 

The box features graphics inspired by artwork seen in the film. 

Includes 3 x LR44 replaceable batteries.  Suitable for young Seekers aged 5+, but please note this is not a flying toy.

Product Code: 1229887

Care Instructions

Not suitable for children under 5 years of age. Includes (3) Button cell batteries for demonstration purposes only. Consumer responsible for replacement of batteries.

Delivery Information

We have a range of delivery options available; for more information, please see our Delivery page.

Did you know

Various designs were considered for both the wings and the body of the Golden Snitch in order to give it credible aerodynamics; some wings were moth-shaped while others were sail-shaped, with ribs that went either horizontally or vertically across them. One Golden Snitch had rudders resembling fish fins. The walnut-sized ball of the Golden Snitch also went through several design interactions, but eventually the final prop included thin, ribbed wings in an abbreviated sail shape attached to an Art Nouveau-style body.

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