Golden Snitch Pop-Up Greeting Card Golden Snitch Pop-Up Greeting Card inside

Golden Snitch™ Pop-Up Greeting Card


Product Details

This greeting card has a lovely subtle golden shimmer on the cover, and inside contains a faded sketch of Hogwarts' Quidditch™ stadium. It features the romantic sentiment "if I'm a keeper, then you're a catch" and has a pop-up Golden Snitch™ as the central feature, even including the words "I open at the close". The Snitch is made of card and folds down neatly when the card is closed.

Product Code: 10000256056

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Did you know

The multiple versions of the Golden Snitch prop were electroformed in copper and then plated with gold. However, it was the special effects team that made the Golden Snitch fly and the sound design team that gave the small, elegant ball a hummingbird- like sound. When needed, the computer artists also created a reflection of the Golden Snitch in Harry’s glasses to make the illusion complete.

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