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Bump-n-go Ford Anglia


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Replica toy of Arthur Weasley's enchanted Ford Anglia. Turn it on and watch it go.  Your Bump-n-go Ford Anglia will run until bumping into something - then turn and continue on. Requires (2) AAA batteries (not included).

Product Code: 1229897

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Delivery UK Mainland

Standard service: £4.95 Express service: £7.95

Delivery to Channel Islands


Delivery to Europe

Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden : £14.95

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The Ford Anglia made the Muggle news when, in 2005, the British press reported that the car had been stolen from a film studio and found in a ruined castle in Cornwall. In fact, the car reported stolen was just one of many prop cars used in the making of the film. “We had sixteen different Anglias,” reveals John Richardson, “all of which were differently adapted.” Some of the Anglias were cut in half to allow for filming inside, others had racing engines for high-speed driving, and others were in various stages of being smashed for the scene where the car crashes in the Whomping Willow.